An foreigner is someone who is staying in the Netherlands and does not have a Dutch passport.
Usually the presence of foreigners is seen as problematic. In daily conversation the terms foreigners, migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and illegal residents are often mixed up, and this is not correct. It is high time to clarify this complicated situation. 

Students: the assignments:

1. Foreigners
2. Refugees
3. International conventions and actions
4. Refugee camps
5. Asylum policy
6. Economic refugees
7. SOS Europe
8. Unaccompanied Minor Foreigners
9. Invited refugees

10. The final assignment is a photo assignment about foreigners. Good luck!


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We have developed a self assesment evaluation tool (SAT) for students and their teachers.

Ideally, the lesson series looks like this

* SAT prior to the lesson series
   * Knowledge: start test for students
   * Skills tool
   * How I act tool
* Your or the students choice from the 10 assignments of the teaching and learning unit
* SAT after the lesson series
   * Knowledge: final test for students
   * Skills tool
   * How I act tool