intro klimaatverandering eng

The terms ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ were first used by scientist Stephen Schneider in 1976. His findings were acknowledged and accepted by the United Nations in 1988. Environmental organisations, among other efforts, made climate change caused by humans a hot topic, although there are still sceptics who turn a deaf ear.

In this set of lessons, we will try to provide a clear picture of the situation, while also giving you the opportunity to think about possible solutions. 

Students: the assignments:

  1. Weather and climate
  2. The greenhouse effect
  3. Climate change throughout history
  4. Controversy
  5. The effects of climate change on nature
  6. The effects of climate change on plants, animals and people  
  7. Climate agreements
  8. Fossil-free energy
  9. Geoengineering
  10. What can your school do?
  11. What can you do?
  12. Final assignment: a fun campaign?


To get access to the teacher’s guide, we ask teachers to register and sign in first. Every lesson comes with a teacher’s guide with teaching tips, answers to the questions, and key objectives and attainment targets. The 11 teacher's guides are collected also by us in an all-inclusive teacher's guide.

We have developed a self assesment evaluation tool (SAT) for students and their teachers.

Ideally, the lesson series looks like this

* Registration
* SAT prior to the lesson series
   * Knowledge: start test for students
   * Skills tool
   * How I act tool
* Your or the students choice from the 11 assignments of the teaching and learning unit
* SAT after the lesson series
   * Knowledge: final test for students
   * Skills tool
   * How I act tool
* Students action