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The international EU project ‘Get up and Goals!’ offers a series of courses for groups 3 and 4 for senior general secondary education and pre-university education concerning the comprehensive subjects Climate Change, Migration and Refugees & Asylum Seekers . This series will be expanded with lesson materials about Gender (in)equality  and Inequality between countries.

The series consists of nine, ten or eleven subjects; each of these can be dealt with in two classes, and a conclusion.
The teacher is free to make his or her personal selection of the subjects. For teachers, there is a teacher’s guide available for each lesson, containing suggestions, answers to the questions and key objectives/attainment targets. To get access to the teacher’s guide you need to register

vlag nederlandsThe material for students involves an introduction, educational goals and a number of steps . Every step leads to a creative final project.

This digital series of lessons is not set in stone. CMO is always interested in hearing comments and suggestions based on teachers’ experiences. For teachers who are willing to trial run (some of) the lessons about climate change and/or migration, CMO* was also given a budget by the EU.

If you would like to test (one of) the lessons and can also motivate your class to start their own campaign, that would be a (financial) double win. For more information, click here to see the fun campaign for climate change and the fun campaign for migration.

*Contact Harry de Ridder from CMO: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (in the Netherlands:) 024-3615902.

The students can use a pull down menu to use the arrows ‘’back’’ and ‘forward’’. Enjoy reading and teaching this material!

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